Walking together with Australia's First Peoples


Artist: Shantelle McCormack, Aranda/Amatyerre artist and Worawa Aboriginal College student

Deloitte Australia recognises that there is no greater challenge – and opportunity – facing our nation than coming to terms with the history and treatment of Australia’s First Peoples, and working together towards better outcomes for the descendants of one of the world’s oldest cultures.

In 2018, Deloitte Australia achieved a breakthrough – and a completely new depth of engagement – when we established a Deloitte Indigenous Leadership Group, comprising Indigenous Deloitte Partners Dr Deen Sanders OAM, Rick Shaw and Angela Robinson. This passionate group has worked to help the firm develop a holistic Indigenous Strategy with a strong focus on truth, authenticity and reconciliation. The team’s goal is to help and to challenge Deloitte to be an undisputed leader in – and to contribute meaningfully to – making Australia a more spiritually generous and inclusive country that is truly at peace with itself and its history.

Reconciliation Australia has supported the Deloitte Indigenous Leadership Group’s proactive initiative to include an explicit focus on truth in the firm’s next Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). By including truth in the processes and dialogue surrounding reconciliation in Australia, Deloitte acknowledges that we must hear and know the truth of the past before we can address it. Deloitte’s newly named Truth and Reconciliation Action Plan (TaRAP) will be released publicly in late 2019.