We can help you identify a combination of channels to form a cohesive paid and organic online strategy. All social posts are centralised within our team.


  • Reach a highly targetted audience
  • Used to develop an influencer relationship with senior content consumers
  • Best performing content: thought leaderships, opinion pieces, Deloitte culture pieces


  • Showcase company culture, partnerships, and thought leadership.
  • Entice future employees and prospective content consumers
  • Best performing content: human interest stories, career programs, visuals such as infographics and videos


  • Connect with a broad selection of content consumers
  • Connect with influencers looking for quick real-time insights and trends
  • Best performing content: reports, awards, media mentions, events, videos, infographics


  • Offer a visual story of Deloitte's brand, across culture, people, campaigns and our brand
  • Best performing content: Posts with a compelling visual component and/or original photgraphy
  • Short videos or boomerangs


  • Showcase company purpose, culture, and our leaders in the form of videos
  • Entice future employees
  • Best performing content: diversity and inclusion, graduate programs, hot trending topics

Paid Social

Paid advertising is a great way to reach audiences beyond our existing followers. Through promoted ads, you are able to reach target audiences based on the user's profile i.e. demographics, age, interests, job seniorities, etc.

As paid advertising is served to a tailored audience, your ads will not appear on Deloitte's social newsfeed, rather appearing as an ad to those profiles in your audience pools. Paid advertising can also be used in conjunction with an organic social strategy.

Things to consider

  1. What are your key campaign messages?
  2. What is your objective? i.e awareness, traffic, lead generation
  3. Who is your target audience? i.e industry, company, seniority
  4. What is your estimated budget?
  5. What is the timeframe in market?
  6. What is the content going to be?
  7. What are the proposed main campaign assets? i.e. report, images, website, blogs
  8. Have all social cards been correctly sized by CoRe?

Social media messaging guidelines

Aim for
An active tone (certainty)

  • Write in first person i.e.: we, our, your
  • A conversational tone. Use wit, humour where appropriate
  • Enticing headlines. I.e.: pose a question, use a stat or quote from the article, what’s in it for you?
  • Including more detail, explanation in blurbs/intros
  • Use a CTA where relevant ie: discover more, download report/infographic, watch the full video, etc
  • Clear, bold, bright images or supporting video. Ensure the file is named to support SEO ie: How to use Blockchain

Passive tones

  • Jargon, acronyms, technical terminology
  • Emoticons or similar (except on Instagram). These are too elementary in a business context
  • Lengthy headings and exceeding word limits as copy can cut off mid-sentence
  • Clichés, metaphors, similes and figures of speech
  • Long words where short ones will do. If it is possible to cut out a word, do it
  • Detailed images that causes users to squint to read it’s content

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