Email Automation

Email automation allows for the creation and execution of email campaigns, landing pages and newsletters. We use Eloqua as our marketing automation platform.

Create an inbound campaign

Inbound campaigns are magnetic – they allow you to attract leads who are actively looking for content or solutions.

A Smartnet campaign/publication/event code is not required for inbound email campaigns.

What types of content does this work for?

  • Pre-registration to receive thought leadership
  • Registration to download thought leadership
  • Expressions of interest
  • Get in touch.

Create an outbound campaign

Outbound campaigns are also known as ”push marketing”. It involves sending content directly to your choice of audience.

A Smartnet campaign/publication/event code is required for outbound email campaigns.

What types of content does this work for?

  • Sending clients thought leadership
  • Single email sends
  • Event invites
  • Large scale campaigns with multiple content pieces.

Create an event invite

Distribute event invited and track RSVPS. If you are running an >20 event you will need to extract event invitees from Smartnet.

Anti-spam legislation

Please note that all marketing emails or emails that could be construed as marketing must be sent through the firm's approved Marketing Automation platform. This is critical as it allows us to track a contact's subscription status. Sending marketing emails through improper channels goes against Anti-spam legislation and puts the firm at risk of multi-million dollar fines. Refer to our email automation page on DAIS for more details.