Custom Pages

  • Differentiate the digital experience on our Deloitte website for users, clients and stakeholders.
  • Build web experiences that our standard templates can not support.
  • Boost a campaign's web presence by offering a more engaging and visually appealing experience.

Our 2 types of webpage customisation

  • Fragments
  • Streamlined Custom Page


Fragments is a partial customisation on existing page templates.

5 Types of Fragments


  • Must be approved by Digital Lead
  • Must have a list of content (e.g. blog posts, themes, archived content, etc.)
  • Min. 3 list items, max. 12 list items


3-5 days, dependent on resource availability

Streamlined Custom Page

A streamlined custom page is a full-page customisation by streamlining the creation of custom pages using existing components such as content tiles, image carousel, pop-ups and more.



  • Must be approved by Digi Lead and Agency Lead
  • Min. 4 components, max. 8 components.

Please note: Custom pages are only available to CI&M priority Campaigns.

Custom pages in is under maintenance. It is temporarily unavailable.