Digital Experience Brief

We have crafted a brief that contains all the information and assets we need to develop and deliver your requests. Please ensure that the final content and imagery is included for your request to be delivered on time. We love receiving your briefs and look forward to working with you!


We are the centralised Digital agency for the firm and therefore support multiple campaigns, projects and requests simultaneously. To help us manage our workload and to ensure we always provide the best solution, we have SLAs in place. Help us meet your deadlines! Please provide us with only approved (risk and brand) content and assets before we start your deliverable.

Digital Imagery Guidelines

The use of imagery is a powerful and way to manage client’s perception of our brand which has been 175 years in the making. With a mission to become the undisputed leader, it is essential to build and reinforce a consistent perception of our brand. Head to Brand Space for all Deloitte approved imagery which CoRe can help you resize. Below are our sizing dimensions and guidelines.


Our Frequently Asked Questions cover a variety of queries about processes and the services we provide. We hope these are able to answer your questions but if not, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Our Tech Stack

Our team uses a range of platforms to help you deliver an optimised and integrated experience across each digital touchpoint to your client. We work closely with the Global Digital Marketing program team, Security Risk team and Privacy to ensure that we have the right digital marketing tech stack to support our digital needs and obligations to SPAM, GDPR and privacy legislations.

Legislation and Policies

Legislation and policies exist to guide us when dealing with activities that are of critical importance to the company such as legal liabilities or issues that have serious consequences if not complied with. Below are the three main policies we need to be aware of as marketers.

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